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Soft Opening Promotion ends on 7/23

Dear all, Chubby Cheek Cafe will be ending its soft opening free admission promotion after this weekend, so be sure to take full advantage of it before it ends. On 7/23/13, there will be a $10 admission fee for children 12 months and older (under 48″ tall) to use our playground for the first 2 hrs, each additional 30 minutes will be $2.00 thereafter. Due to hygienic reasons, socks will be be required inside the playground area at all times – parents included. So please make sure to come with socks on. Children/Adult socks are available for purchase for your convenience.

Meanwhile, we have already started planning for a Weekday’s Special promotion. Stay tuned, we will be posting something very soon. Thank you and see you all 🙂


Safety is our highest priority

Due to safety issue, and a lot of concerned parents, we are now limiting the height allowance inside our playground. Safety is our highest priority, we want everybody to be enjoying and relaxing in a safe and worry-free environment. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Several things we will need parents to help with in order to maintain a safe environment for everybody: 1). Children should be playing inside the designated playground, and should not be running or playing in the dinning area as our servers may be bringing hot food to your tables. 2). If we have to send your children back to your table for any reason, please understand that all we are doing is to try to maintain a safe-play environment for yours and every children in the playground. Rest assure that we will do everything we could on our end to ensure safety for everyone before sending anyone out of the playground. But if things do get out of hands, we will definitely need the parents’ help. Thank you for understand and we hope you have an enjoyable stay.

Max 48 inches