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Parent Appreciation Dinner at Chubby Cheek Cafe

If you ever wonder how a romantic dinning atmosphere can be mixed with kids? We have the answer for you 🙂 A candlelit dinner set will be available every night from Tues ~ Fri after 5pm, with our Parent Appreciation menu sets that come with free 2-hr admissions for up to 2 kids. So be sure you bring the kids along, they will be having fun playing in our indoor playground while you enjoy your meal. Hope to see you all soon.


Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Chubby Cheek Cafe


Valentine’s Day is fully booked, but there is still space available on 2/13 for reservations and walk-ins.


Spend the day of love with family this year ♥

Chubby Cheek Cafe is pulling out all the stops to make sure Mommy and Daddy can have a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day without worrying about babysitters.

Enjoy a special meal for 2 for $39.99 which includes:
2 Entrees
Free Admission for children
Valentine’s Day Arts and Crafts
Heart Balloons!

Available from 5pm – 9pm on Feb 11 thru 14
Call (626) 854-2233 to make your reservation now!





Because we care for our Little Chubby Cheekers

A clean sanitized playground is what we always believe our little Chubby Cheekers deserve, that’s why we close every Monday just to do that.

A few has compared us with playgrounds offered by some fast food chains, but only those who truly understand our concept will appreciate what we do. When we clean, we don’t just wipe everything down with water. We use commercial grade sanitizer all over the playground and even clean each and every ball inside the ball pit.

That’s the Chubby Cheek Cafe standard that our customers will always appreciate, and for that reason…we’ll keep doing what we do Happy Monday!