About Us

The concept came to us – as owners, parents, husband and wife – after facing the common challenge that many parents can relate to : Finding a nice place to sit down and enjoy a dinner in peace with active children. Parents want to eat good food at a nice restaurant, but are constantly worried by the likeliness of their kids making too much noise around other diners. Kids want to go to a place where they can have fun, and eat, but parents don’t want to eat frozen pizza.
There should be a place where parents can eat good food, and the little ones can have fun.
Thus, we’d like to welcome you to Chubby Cheek Café.

Bringing our vision to life was not easy…

It took us months to fill our space with a sophisticated design, customized indoor playground, and a patient, attentive, and caring staff. We took care in combining an interactive and engaging play-learning environment with comfortable, yet sophisticated, seating and cuisine suited for adults.


At Chubby Cheek Cafe, rest assured that you will not be getting dirty looks from the next table.

Your child decides running around during dinner is a good idea? That’s okay.
Your toddler spills their orange juice by accident? No problem.
Your child starts screaming and crying at the top of their lungs? No worries!
Our trained staff and servers are ready to assist you whenever you need help. As much as we would like to make your experience here at Chubby Cheek Cafe as stress free as possible , we do however, ask that each parent to make sure your children do not rough play that may cause harm to themselves or others.



Your child’s health and safety is our top concern.

We make sure that the cleanliness of our restaurant is at the top of our priorities. Any place that is full of kids is prone to germs, and it’s easy to catch something. We make sure our staff is always cleaning throughout the day, and we also have a professional cleaning team that deep cleans and sanitizes the entire facility every Monday.

In our cleaning processes, we use environmentally friendly cleaning and sanitizing solutions from Cintas.

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